Adult Changes in Thought Study
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Facilitating and fostering high-quality research collaborations is one of the central pillars of the Adult Changes in Thought (ACT) Study.

We conduct research and gather rich data centered on understanding and promoting healthy cognitive and functional aging. It is our vision to serve as an innovative and enduring resource that contributes to cutting-edge research in healthy aging. To that end, we work closely with many research partners to maximize the contributions of our research participants by sharing data widely and supporting new research collaborations whenever feasible. 

If you’re interested in using ACT Study data, working with ACT Study researchers, or learning more about options for collaborating in the future, please explore the information provided below. If you have additional questions, contact us.

Work with Us

This page provides a quick introduction to working with the ACT Study and ACT data. Start here if you’re looking for an overview of collaboration options and a high-level review of the typical collaboration process. 

Data Sharing Policies & Procedures

Here you can find ACT Study policies and procedures around data sharing and collaboration.

Data Request Form

When you’re ready to submit a proposal for a manuscript or data request, please complete this form for review by the ACT Proposals & Publications Committee. If you're interested in proposing a new ancillary grant that leverages ACT data or plans to work with ACT participants, please contact